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Customized Programs To Get Your Law Firm Results

We specialize in Law Firm growth through a laser focus on advanced search engine optimization. Our programs are customized for each of our clients and all efforts are held accountable to getting tangible and quantifiable results.


Organic Search

LawCloud9 has spent years perfecting our proprietary Search Dominance Program. This advanced approach to Search Engine Optimization allows us to dominate the online marketplace for our clients.

Ranking Performance Guarantee

All of our Search Optimization packages come with a very transparent performance guarantee. If you're not ranking on Page 1 of Google for a specific number of keywords, you don't pay until you do.


Experts In Compliance

All search content is cross checked and proof read against all legal marketing regulations to ensure compliance and ethical standards. With Law Cloud 9, you can be assured that your website presence will be a professional representation and reflection of your practice.

Customized Search
For Your Practice

Search content must be unique.

It also must be targeted in a manner that gets in front of the clients you want! Our team focuses on your law firm, your specific areas of practice, and your targeted geographic areas!

Tangible Results

Our proprietary Law Cloud 9 dashboard allows all of our clients to quickly and accurately see the status of their search engine rankings and all efforts that our team is working on in real time. We track everything so you don’t have to.

Website Compliance
Affects Rankings

Lawyer websites that are compliant with relevant regulations and guidelines have a greater likelihood of ranking higher on search engines. Compliance with data privacy and security regulations, adherence to accessibility guidelines, and overall technical optimization contribute to improved search engine rankings.


Organic Rankings
Dominate Paid Ads

One of the most important reasons organic search results are superior to paid ads is that they are viewed as more trustworthy and credible by users. Paid ads can come across as too promotional and less authentic. This can result in lower click-through rates and conversion rates.


Specializing In The Following Areas Of Law

Admiralty (Maritime) Law

Bankruptcy Law

Business (Corporate) Law

Civil Rights Law

Criminal Law

Entertainment Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Health Law

Immigration Law

Intellectual Property Law

International Law

Labor (Employment) Law

Military Law

Personal Injury Law

Real Estate Law

Tax Law

Technology / AI Law